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A performance and an installation in one, where choreographed events take place. Dance, music, sculpture and bodies fill the space, consisting of different islands, all created by professional artists and children. Together with a percussionist, pianist and two dancers the audience can touch, move, see and feel.

For children +3 years, family and audience with complex/learning disabilities
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Move and Read

What if we were bats with fangs and claws. What if we were fear lizards one small and one big. What if you were a puppy and I an adult dog. Come sit here next to me and for a moment lets pretend.

A poetic movement interpretation based on the childrens’ book What if (Tänk om), by Lena Sjöberg. A delicate and clever piece for the youngest audience.

For children 0-5 years
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If possible

Together with children age 7-11 we explored how to create a dance performance in the space of a classroom. If possible turned out to be an adventure and a magic place where anything is possible.

It is a dance performance where we question the idea of rules and regulations, participation and adaption. In the performance the audience is encouraged to dare to be oneself.

For Children 7-12 years old
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Listen to the wind

A classic theme in a new work by choreographer Ingrid Olterman. The percussionist fills the performance with rhythms, music and song. The dancer Micke Strid is pushing his limits in this energetic and clever dance tale.

The performance is followed by a workshop, where the children sing and dance together with the artists.

For Children 4-7 years old
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Shelter trees

We are building a cabin, a cabin of branches. Now we are trailing the branches. It is quite hard. It is ready! I’m sitting inside and you are outside. Can you see me? Now we both sit inside the cabin. It’s cosy!

Together we experience the joy of sharing, the joy of laughing together but we also have to endure the sometimes, prickly feeling.

For Children 3-6 years old and family
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Carrier is a performance where contemporary music and dance exist side by side in a visually strong, shared space. This circular piece surrounds and captures the audience with its different elements.

The piece has the shape of a circle in which you as audience are experiencing circularity through composition in movement, music and in space. Inside the circle, as the music surrounds you, you witness a changing landscape, a grand piano and a carrier.
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Islands - photo Martin Skoog

Move and Red - photo Martin Skoog

If possible - photo Martin Skoog

Listen to the wind - photo Anna Molander

Shelter trees - photo Martin Skoog

Carrier - photo Lars Arvidsson