"It is a continuous, nice and humoristic experiment of sound, music and movements woven together into a beautiful game; sometimes still, sometimes wilder. The dancers try different movement, they jump, fly, roll on each other, while the musicians create exciting rhythms and sound in a joyful elaborating with music. It is a performance that excites and opens for imagination and experiences of different senses. The audience are allowed to be part and be close to the dancers who carefully bring everyone into their joyful game.” Tina Jeppsson, Barometern 2018-10-04 

Cycling back to front

“Two dancers and one dancing musician play, reflect, discuss, sit, jump and create music with their bodies in a dynamic and varied composition. As an audience there is so to speak never a quiet moment: there is always something to look at. The children around me are as fascinated as I am when ”everything” turns into music by the hands of the musician, or by the feet of the dancers when they fly in space in an unusually smooth and light way. Music and dance becomes one.” Margareta Sörenson, Expressen

a lyrical half an hour full of dance, where a cool bear in a tie is created only with the use of words, to the delight of the audience.” SvD

You or me?
a young audience is almost never polite. You usually notice straight away if a performance works or not. In Ingrid Olterman’s latest performance for children there is a good atmosphere from the start. You or me? is dance with a lot of energy and facial expressions by a giving and open quartet” Anna Ångström, SvD

Here we have girls who cockily put their finger under their nose and let creativity guide them. Sometimes they make noise and mess around, fight over land and territories. But it all turns into a smooth collaboration. The Construction is a mix of pedagogy and spontaneous moments and is well received by its young audience. The eyes of the children devotedly follow the dancer’s energetic journey through the land of imagination.” Anna Ångström SvD

Through expressive, recognizable movements performed in front of an ingenious background with images of 60s cars, buses and people a trustworthy image is created that shows us how difficult it can be for two people to be in a relationship”. Umeå, VK

An Illusion
For sure one is taken by the glow and enchanted by the colors, sound and movements that the optical illusion creates”. VK 2004




Adventure (Premiere 7/3 2009)
Photo Inger Arvidsson