For children from 7-12 years

Cycling back and front

A tribute to creativity – composing sound and inventing movement.

This dance and music performance will allow the inventor in each and one of us to awake.
Cycling back to front encourages the will and joy to create, construct, compose and invent.

“Two dancers and one dancing musician play, reflect, discuss, sit, jump and create music with their bodies in a dynamic and varied composition. As an audience there is so to speak never a quiet moment: there is always something to look at. The children around me are as fascinated as I am when ”everything” turns into music by the hands of the musician, or by the feet of the dancers when they fly in space in an unusually smooth and light way. Music and dance becomes one.” Margareta Sörenson, Expressen

Two dancers and one musician work with the interior of a room. Furniture become instruments, bodies start to move. The performance integrates the ability to look for
possibilities, re-use, re-make and allows us to look at the things we have got and reflect on questions about life itself from the perspective of a child.

Choreography Ingrid Olterman
in collaboration with the ensemble
Music Kalle Källman
Dance Lova Eriksson, Oskar Frisk
Scenography Camilla Ed
Lighting design Lars Liljegren




photo Martin Skoog

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Cycling back to front in Tensta