If possible
Premiere 2016

A dance performance in the space of a classroom. If possible is an adventure and a magic place where anything is possible. It is a dance performance that questions the idea of rules and regulations, participation and adation. In this interactive performance the audience is encouraged to paricipate in time and space. And they are inspired to take up space and be themselves. Together we create new rules for this special moment.

Ages 7-12
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Listen to the wind (2004)
New Premiere 2016

A journey through the biting wind.
Obstacles appear – we have to get past.
It takes courage and cleverness.
To dare.
A classic theme in a new work by choreographer Ingrid Olterman.
The percussionist Jon Fät fills the performance with rhythms, music and song. The dancer Micke Strid is pushing his limits in this energetic and clever dance tale. The performance is followed by a workshop, where the children sing and dance together with the artists.

From the age of 4. see trailer
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Feed me!
Premiere 2014

A performance where we question the difference between man and machine through dance and music. We are in a space surrounded by musical apparatus that need to be looked after and taken care of in order to function. The three caretakers have to show consideration, have technical knowledge, be patient and determined at the same time. As the caretakers work they notice that the apparatus do not act the way they want them to. They are facing difficulties together in which their relationship is being tested but when collaborating laughter and sweet music appears.

Ages 5-9, family
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Carrier is a performance where contemporary music and dance exixt side by side in a visually strong, shared space. This circular piece surrounds and captures the audience with its different elements.

The piece has the shape of a circle in which you as audience are experiencing circularity through composition in movement, music and in space. Inside the circle, as the music surrounds you, you witness a changing landscape, a grand piano and a carrier.

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Shelter trees
Premiere 2013

The sighing is in the trees in the leaves on the ground in the pine needles in our wollen hats in our hair in the pockets of our jackets. Eva Lindström

We are building a cabin, a cabin of branches. Now we are trailing the branches. It is quite hard. It is ready! I´m sitting inside and you are out there/outside. Can you see me? Now we both sit inside the cabin, cosy! Together we experince the joy of sharing something nice with a friend, of being there and laughing /together/ but also having to endure the sometimes pricky feeling.

Ages 3-6, family
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Cycling back to front
Two dancers and one musician work with the interior of a room. Furniture become instruments, bodies start to move. The performance integrates the ability to look for possibilities, re-use, re-make and allows us to look at the things we have got and reflect on questions about life itself from the perspective of a child.

“Two dancers and one dancing musician play, reflect, discuss, sit, jump and create music with their bodies in a dynamic and varied composition. As an audience there is so to speak never a quiet moment: there is always something to look at. The children around me are as fascinated as I am when ”everything” turns into music by the hands of the musician, or by the feet of the dancers when they fly in space in an unusually smooth and light way. Music and dance becomes one.”
Margareta Sörenson, Expressen

Ages 7-12, family
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Through the eyes of others

What do they think right now
A girl has
If your friend is
He was
She does
How do you react when
Who am I trough the eyes of others?

“An expression for people valuating a human’s personal value and social status. It exists to maintain the order of a group or a whole society. What is seen as honouring and
dishonouring varies with time and space.”

The latest work by choreographer Ingrid Olterman is a dance performance for young adults exploring the subject. What does honour represent? How do I look upon it?
How do you consider it? Is she affected by it? What does it mean to him?
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Adventure (2009-2010)
Adventures can be funny, exciting, wonderful, scary and sad. They are around us, in our everyday life. They appear and they go away.

Måns and Inger have a tent. They collect adventures. The two friends dance around straggling trees and twisting snakes. They swim and stroke animals, jump and bounce, they tip toe and scout. They prepare a picnic. One of the adventures does not turn out as they expected. Are they going to find their way back? The performance is a mixture of music, visual images and dance. The dance performance Adventure grew out of a process together with seven year old children from Rinkeby, Stockholm and Skellefteå who created drawings and texts about what an adventure is.

a lyrical half an hour full of dance, where a cool bear in a tie is created only with the use of words, to the delight of the audience.” SvD see trailer

All now! (2007)
4 dancers and 13 musicians. Everything is about to happen now - at once. Full on. But it does not always turn out to be what is expected. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail. Life is still ok.
The music, jazz, African and modern, composed by Kristina Aspeqvist, for Stockholm Vodou Orchestra, together with the rhythmical and dynamic dance, creates a collage of humorous dance happenings.
Ages 13-16.

Construction (2006)
Is a performance about the joy of building, rebuilding and changes. One musician and one dancer.
The joy of working, dance and music.
“The eyes of the children devotedly follow the dancer’s energetic journey through the land of imagination.” SvD
An interactive performance for ages 3-6.

Puls (2005)
A performance with a dancing couple underneath two street lights. The duet is performed outdoors after sunset. Dance and music are specially recomposed for each new site.” Through expressive, recognizable movements performed in front of an ingenious background with images of 60s cars, buses and people there is a creation of a trustworthy image showing us how difficult it can be for two people to be in a relationship”. Umeå, VK see trailer

You or me? (2005)
A performance about being good enough just the way you are.
About making a fool of oneself. About hope and trust.
To be able to be the one you really are.
Recognizable scenes are playfully performed with warmness and humor to the composition of new energetic music on percussions.
Ages 9-13.

An Illussion (2003)
Buildings, images, dance and music, together in a colorful piece of art.
A dance piece which in its creative moment allow different artistic works to shine through.


If possible
photo Martin Skoog

Feed mee!
photo Martin Skoog

Photo Lars Arvidsson

Shelter trees
photo Martin Skoog

Cycling back to front
photo Martin Skoog

PULS - in South Korea
photo Martien Bélanger

Listen to the wind