New performance!
Touring 2009-2010
Premiere 7/3 2009 at Zebradans.


Adventures can be funny, exciting, wonderful, scary and sad. They are around us, in our everyday life. They appear and they go away.

Måns and Inger have a tent. They collect adventures. The two friends dance around straggling trees and twisting snakes. They swim and stroke animals, jump and bounce, they tip toe and scout. They prepare a picnic. One of the adventures does not turn out as they expected. Are they going to find their way back? The performance is a mixture of music, visual images and dance. The dance performance Adventure grew out of a process together with seven year old children from Rinkeby, Stockholm and Skellefteå who created drawings and texts about what an adventure is.

a lyrical half an hour full of dance, where a cool bear in a tie is created only with the use of words, to the delight of the audience.” SvD
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-a performance with a dancing couple underneath two street lights. The duet is performed outdoors after sunset. Dance and music are specially recomposed for each new site.” Through expressive, recognizable movements performed in front of an ingenious background with images of 60s cars, buses and people there is a creation of a trustworthy image showing us how difficult it can be for two people to be in a relationship”. Umeå, VK

Can you hear the wind? A boy’s journey through the biting wind.
Obstacles appearing – he has to get past.
It takes courage and cleverness.
To dare.

A classic fairytale theme in this new work by the choreographer Ingrid Olterman.
The percussionist Kalle Källman fills the performance with rhythms, music and song. Can you hear the wind? is a popular performance that has been played for many children since its premiere in spring 2004.


photo Inger Arvidsson

Can you hear the wind?
illustration Eva Lindström